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hello Chuck and Joy Hanson invite you to stay in their charming 170-year old Mason House Inn Bed & Breakfast located in historic Bentonsport, Iowa. This antique hotel was built in 1846 by Mormon craftsmen coming from Nauvoo, Illinois, as a hotel for the steamboat travelers. It has been used as a hospital three different times, and was also a station on the Underground Railroad. Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Des Moines River, Bentonsport is one of the Villages of Van Buren County that were among Southeast Iowa's very first settlements.

A full country breakfast is served in the 40 foot dining room at the time of your choice. Please let Joy know if you have any dietary restrictions. She will be happy to adjust the menu accordingly.

"There is a cookie jar in every bedroom." And, as some of our taller guests will attest, comfortable beds that are of adequate 21st Century size. We feature King, Queen, and Extra-long double beds. Some rooms also include a twin bed or two for children. Room 1 features a Tempur-Pedic Allurabed mattress with ergo and massage! And all rooms have free wireless internet access, just ask us for the password. In keeping with our 'antique' theme, there are no TVs or radios in the bedrooms to detract from the ambiance. (There is a TV in the Caboose Cottage because that is not antique themed.) Take a tour of our rooms to help you decide.

Our Caboose Cottage is in a real 1952 railroad caboose from the Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Railway line from Texas. It features a queen-size bed, satellite TV with DVD player, free wireless internet access, a dining area, full kitchen and private bathroom with shower. Come to the Main house dining room for breakfast with the other guests. A great, fun place to stay for train enthusiasts of all ages.

The Mason House Inn is an ideal location for retreats, seminars, reunions, honeymoons, wedding groups, church groups, Murder Mysteries, quilting retreats, book club retreats, weekend get-aways, and anytime you want to 'get away from it all'.

We urge you to inquire and make your reservations early, as we have only nine rooms (each with its own private bath). We are OPEN ALL YEAR. If you are looking for Southeast Iowa lodging, accommodations, or hotels, we urge you to consider our cozy Bed and Breakfast in friendly, historic Bentonsport, Iowa.

We do have friendly cats on the premises. Please take this into consideration if you have allergies. We also have chickens for fresh eggs!

For Reservations, please call Joy at 319-592-3133, or 800-592-3133. We still believe in the personal touch and prefer to make our own reservations. We use no third party reservations sites because all our rooms are unique. We would rather help you choose the perfect room for you, rather than have a faceless third party choose any old one for you. Also, they have no idea what our real occupancy is and are perfectly happy to over book us and have you upset at us. And they charge you Their Fees and Taxes, which are much more than our 5% State tax (No hotel/motel tax here!). Some of these third party booking sites list us as being FULL, but that my not be true since they have no idea what our actual availability is. So please just call us directly. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 10:00

    Dec. 3: Christmas in the Villages - At this time, rooms are still available

  • Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 10:00

    Nov. 5 & 6: Ghost Hunting Weekend - Rooms for class attendees only. Rooms are still available. Space available in both classes without staying overnight. Reservations required. $50 non-refundable check deposit is required.

  • Saturday, October 29, 2016 - 10:00

    October 29 : Halloween Ghost Stories Dinner - At this time, Rooms are still available. $50 non-refundable deposit by check is required.